2020 Team t-shirts

Tonight many of you were able to pick up your summer of 2020 CV Crocs t-shirts! These shirts are a special spin on the last several years’ shirts created by hand by the dedicated {and super talented} Melanie Peeler and Tara Muller. 

These hand tye-died shirts represent so many things about our team this summer – 

  1. Dedication and perseverance – by our community, coaches, and board members. WE LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!
  2. What a *crazy* swirlwind 2020 has been, and 
  3. How the legacy of the team has stood the test of time. If we can swim during 2020, ya’ll, we can swim through almost anything. 

So – because each shirt has been specially chosen for your child(ren), please be sure to write their name on the tag or collar so it doesn’t get lost or switched. We usually do this on pick up, but due to restrictions, we’re asking you to do this at home.

If you haven’t picked up your child’s shirt yet, you can do so at practice or the next meet. 🙂 

Thank you again everyone for making the start to this season such a great experience!