Board Members Needed!!


We sincerely hope you have enjoyed swim team this year!

Not only is it a fun and healthy sport for our kids, it’s a great opportunity for kids and parents to meet other families in our neighborhood. Many friendships with neighbors have been made because of swim team!

Sadly though, almost all of the required board member positions will become vacant next year due to either children aging out of swim team or members having reached their term limit.

To ensure swim team continues next year, we need parents to join the board and fill these key positions.

Next year will be the 14th year for the Charleston Village Crocodiles swim team, if it continues. Please keep the fun going for our kids next year and long into the future by joining the CV Crocodiles Swim Team Board now!

To learn more about each board position, visit the Swim Team Board Positions page. For even more information or to join the Swim Team Board, email the board at

We look forward to hearing from you!


CV Swim Team Board