Meet Volunteers

Unlike many other sports, many volunteers are needed to run a swim meet. Each of the various positions are described below, including which meets (Home or Away) the position needs to be staffed and the minimum number of people required from our team to run the meet. Additional volunteers are highly recommended so people can take a break or switch off during the meet.

With almost 50 volunteer positions required for every home meet and over 30 positions required for every away meet, we ask each family to please staff at least one volunteer position at every meet you attend.

Tip: Volunteering at a meet makes the meet more enjoyable and go much quicker!

Clerk Of Course*
Home and Away meets | 1 person (2 recommended)
Lines up our swimmers in the order that they swim. The announcer calls for each gender / age group for each event to report to the Clerk of Course. You will organize the swimmers according to the event sheets prepared in advance by the coach showing the heat and lane assignment for each swimmer. You will get to meet all the swimmers and give them a word of encouragement as they line up to swim. You will be moving about the pool deck, primarily at the starting end. As needed, combine heats and work with the other Clerk of Course. Make any necessary adjustments, change of swimmers due to absence, lane assignment adjustments, make sure the swimmer listed is actually the swimmer swimming, ensuring sheets are accurate to correctly award points.
* Training and Experience Required

Home meets only | 4 people
Sets up and operates concession stand at home meets. This position involves some pre-meet preparation.

Home meets only | 1 person
Communicates to swimmers, officials, and observers over the public address system. Welcomes the visiting team to our pool, announces the officials for the evening, and announces team scores throughout the evening. Optionally plays music during warm-ups, during any breaks, and after the meet is over.

Kid Pusher
Home and Away meets | 14 people
Line up and take swimmers to the Clerk of Course according to the event sheets prepared in advance by the coach showing the heat and lane assignment for each swimmer. Line kids up in appropriate lane seats and keep order in the lane staging area. Ensure they move to the starting lanes when their heats are called. Younger age groups require two kid pushers each for boys and girls. You will be responsible for making sure all swimmers have their swimmer number printed on each arm where it will be visible from the front and the side. You will get to meet all the swimmers and encourage them as they line up to swim. Watch the kids and keep them safe and orderly, especially six and unders.

Meet Cleanup
Home meets only | Everyone
Gets the facility back in order, collects trash, puts away lane ropes, starting blocks, backstroke flags, 6 & under finish rope, lights, power cords, and PA system.

Meet Manager
Home and Away meets | 1 person
Ensures all meet positions are filled and serves as focal point for operational issues before, during, and after meets. A familiarization of swim meet procedures would be helpful but not required.

Meet Setup
Home meets only | 3 people
Sets up backstroke flags; starting blocks; lane ropes; 4 chairs behind each starting block; scoring, ribbon, and announcer tables and chairs; and lights. Clears area around finish end of lanes. You must have the pool ready for warm ups, which begin at 5:00pm. You will typically need to arrive at the pool by 4:00pm.

Place Judge
Home and Away meets | 3 people
Observes and reports the finish order for each main event. Example: The third place judge observes swimmers to determine which lane finished third overall and provides that lane number to the Recorder when they ask for the third place finisher following the main event. Place Judge is not concerned with the legality of the finish simply which lane finished in the place that they are observing for. You will be moving about the pool deck throughout the meet. Each team supplies three place judges at each meet.

Home meets only | 1 person
Completes event sheets by recording the order of finish and times according to the place judges and timers.

Ribbon Distributor
Home meets only | 2 people
Passes out ribbons to heat (not main events) swimmers and commends them as they come out of the water. The winner receives a Heat Winner ribbon and all other swimmers in that heat receive a Participant ribbon. You will stand by the finish end of the pool.

Ribbon Writer
Home and Away meets | 2 people
Works with other team ribbon writers to fill out ribbons. Records the swimmer’s name and event on the back of each place ribbon. You will receive the results on the main event sheets after the scorers have recorded the necessary information. You will sit at the ribbon table, have a supply of ribbons, and a roster for your team. The ribbons are passed out to the swimmer at the next practice following the meet.

Home and Away meets | 2 people
Takes event sheets from the Clerk of Course and carries them to the Recorder before the start of the event. Takes completed event sheets from the Recorder and disqualification sheets from the Stroke and Turn Judges and carries them to the scorer’s table. The runner must deliver the sheets directly to the scorer’s table and not allow coaches or other interested parties to use them in transit. This is a mobile position, so wear comfortable shoes.

Score Keeper
Home and Away meets | 1 person
Keeps a running total of points earned by each team. You will work with the other team’s score keeper. You will receive from the Runner the results for each main event (1st heat in a set of many heats). Points assigned are: 5 points for first place, 3 points for second place, 1 point for third place. Use a preprinted scoring sheet, which is easy to understand. You will be seated at the scoring table.

Home meets only | 1 person
Furnished by the Home team. The starter has complete control of swimmers delivered to the starting blocks by the Clerk of Course. Uses the commands “step up” (or “step in the water” for backstroke), “timers and judges ready?”, announce the distance and stroke or relay event, “take your mark”, press the starting device button one second after all swimmers are still. Calls false starts for improper starts. This position remains stationary at the starting end of the pool.
* Classroom Training and Experience Required

Stroke & Turn Judge*
Home and Away meets | 1 person (2 recommended)
Judges the main event swimmers looking for disqualifying motions. These judges must learn what to look for and disqualify swimmers in point-scoring events who commit violations. Heats are not judged. This judge stands on the side or end of the pool. Required to attend a TSA two-hour class. Each team provides one judge.
* Classroom Training and Experience Required

Home and Away meets | 6 people + 1 Head Timer for home meets only
Times swimmers in their assigned lane for each main event. Starts the timer when the buzzer sounds, even when their lane is empty, in case another timer makes an error and needs your time. Stops the watch with the touch of the swimmer at the wall. Any part of the swimmer touching the wall qualifies as a finish. Provides clocked time to the Recorder when requested following the main event. For relays, only time the total race, not each swimmer. You will be moving about the pool deck throughout the meet. Each team supplies one timer per lane at each meet. The home team also supplies a head timer. You may be asked to time all heats so coaches have times for all swimmers.