Swim Team Board Positions

A brief description of each CV Swim Team Board position is included below. To learn more about a position, contact a board member or email the board at board@cvswimteam.org.

The Chair oversees all aspects of the swim team and coordinates the work in order that the objectives of the swim team are met. They schedule at least 1 board meeting per month January-July, prepare the meeting agendas, and run the meetings. The Chair is involved in the hiring of the coaches and gives them feedback based on how the season is going and parent comments. They are also responsible for handling any problems or issues that arise.

Vice Chair
The Vice Chair is the backup for the Chair position. They help the Chair perform their responsibilities and fill in for the Chair when needed.

The Secretary will need to be available for each swim team board meeting. They will need to take minutes at all the meetings and distribute those minutes for the board to review.

The Treasurer attends swim team board meetings and handles all of the finances. They deposit all monies that come in and sign checks for expenses or reimbursements due. The Treasurer is responsible for keeping accurate records in a yearly binder. They also update the yearly budget on Google Drive as needed.

TSA Representative
The TSA Representative attends regular (almost monthly) TSA meetings as a representative of the Charleston Village Swim Team. They report information from the TSA back to the Swim Team Board and act as a liaison with other the other team’s TSA Representative. During home meets, the TSA Representative organizes and runs the Officials Meeting before the start of the meet and ensure the meet starts promptly at 6:00 PM. During home and away meets, the TSA Representative is responsible for working with the other team’s TSA Representative to handle all conflicts during the meet and any weather delays.

Communications Coordinator
The Communications Coordinator attends swim team board meetings and gets all communications out to the swimmers and parents. This is done by email, CV Swim Team website, CV Swim Team Facebook page, and Charleston Village neighborhood Facebook page. They are also responsible for writing and setting up 3 dry erase boards at the entrance to our neighborhood for special events, such as swim team registration.

Concessions Coordinator
The Concessions Coordinator is responsible for determining what food and drinks need to be ordered for the year and each home swim meet. They ensure the Concessions Stand operates smoothly during each home meet.

Fundraising Coordinator
The Fundraiser Coordinator help organize ways to generates funds for swim team for the purpose of purchasing needed equipment and for savings for future items needed, such as lane lines or starting blocks. They organize and lead various fundraisers, request assistance from parents, swimmers and other board members to carry out these events. Examples of past fund raisers: Yard sale, flower and pine straw sale, cell phone recycle, 50/50 raffle, spirit wear sale, picture sale and swim bag sale. As for team spirit wear, the goal is to get enough donations from sponsors to pay for the cost of T-shirts and make additional money if possible.

Membership Coordinator
The Membership Coordinator is responsible for setting up the swim team registration process each year and keeping an accurate list of registered swimmers, along with the corresponding parent information and various other information. Using the swimmer registration information, the membership coordinator is responsible for generating the swimmer roster, T-shirt order information, email addresses for team distribution list, and various other information required by the Swim Team Board. The swim team registration process is currently embedded within the CV Swim Team website, making this position and the website webmaster role tightly related.

Ribbons & Awards Coordinator
The Ribbons & Awards Coordinator is responsible for ordering the appropriate number of ribbons before the beginning of the swim season, and the necessary awards (metals, trophies, and pins) at the end of the swim season. Typically they also fill one of the Ribbon Writer positions at swim meets.

Social Coordinator
The Social Coordinator plans and organizes social events for the swim team, such as ice cream day or movie night. These are great ways for us all (swimmers, parents, and coaches) to get to know each other.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for gathering all volunteer materials needed for the swim season. At each meet, they hand out the volunteer materials to each of the volunteers before the beginning of the meet, and collect those materials after the meet is finished. The Volunteer Coordinator also helps to ensure each of the necessary volunteer positions are filled so the swim meet can be held. Typically, they also instruct the Meet Setup volunteers with what needs to be done to the pool deck so it is set up appropriately for a home swim meet.

Website Coordinator
The Website Coordinator is responsible for maintaining the CV Swim Team domain, website, email addresses, discussion lists, Google account, Facebook page, Twitter account, and Instagram account. This role is sometimes referred as Webmaster.