What to Bring to a Meet?

Plan on arriving at least 10 – 15 minutes BEFORE warm up starts: to check in, find the team, to stake a claim on a piece of real estate for yourself, check the line ups and write them on your child’s arm, and check out the concessions.

Your swimmer should bring a swim bag with the following items:

  • Team Suit – Bring your swimmer’s team suit and, if possible, a spare.
  • Team Cap – Bring your swimmer’s team swim cap plus an extra (they tear easy and are easily misplaced!)
  • Goggles – Bring two pairs! Prior to an event, make sure the goggles fit snugly or they will end up around your swimmer’s neck!
  • Deck Sandals – Make sure your swimmer wears deck sandals for protection.
  • Towels – Bring two (or more) towels.
  • Sunscreen – Apply waterproof sunscreen BEFORE your child suits up. Sunscreen needs time to penetrate and get to work.
  • Water – Especially when the weather is hot, make sure your swimmer has plenty of water bottles and/or Gatorade. Even though they are immersed in water, swimmers dehydrate easily!
  • Food – Bring nutritious snacks: Ritz bits w/ peanut butter, goldfish, fruit, jerky, power bars, cheese sticks, yogurt, dry cereal in Ziploc bags, etc.
  • Sharpie – A permanent marker for marking events, heat, and lane numbers on your swimmer’s arm.
  • Warm Clothing – Pack your swimmer’s bag with a sweat shirt. Night meets will get chilly sometimes!
  • Miscellaneous – Swim shampoo/conditioner, hairbrush, comb, toiletries, deck of cards, board games, electronic games, etc.
  • Inhalers – If your child is asthmatic, this is the most important thing they own. Different environments have different triggers that can set off an attack. Be sure to tell the coach(es) if your child has asthma!

Label Everything!
Remember to put your swimmer’s name on everything! Your swimmer’s swim cap, T-shirt, goggles, swim bag, towels, etc. look like everyone else’s.