Meet Schedule

The table below lists the opponent for each meet, how much the opponent is a swim up or down, whether the meet is home or away, and a link to the corresponding volunteer sign-up sheet.

If a swim meet is postponed or interrupted due to weather (or other reason), the meet may be rescheduled or continued on the following day (Wednesday). Since early evening thunderstorms are very common during the summer, plan on swim meets possibly taking both Tuesday and Wednesday evening.

Note: Please remember to contact the Coaching Staff at and update TeamSnap if your swimmer will NOT be available for a meet, has to leave early, or will arrive late.

Date Opponent Swim Up/Down Home/Away

June 7 Mock Meet Green/White n/a Home

June 14 Eagle Ridge Down 2 Away

June 21 Devereaux Down 1 Home

June 28 Glenridge Up 3 Home

July 5 TBD n/a Home

July 12 Kildaire Farms Up 2 Away

July 19 Garner Dolphins (meter pool) Up 1 Away

Championship TENTATIVE n/a Away

** Please walk to the pool for Home meets so there are parking spots available for the visiting team.