Swim Team Board

The Swim Team Board is responsible for all operations of the swim team. This includes numerous tasks such as organizing events and fundraisers, ordering team apparel and equipment, organizing swimmer registration and recognition, and organizing meet volunteers.

Our goal is to make the swim season enjoyable and beneficial for all swimmers; have open communication between coaches, parents, and swimmers; and maintain unity and team spirit among all swim team families.

Below are each of the board positions, the person holding the position, and an email address to contact them. You can contact the entire board at board@cvswimteam.org.

If you have a question or need further information, send an email to info@cvswimteam.org.

Position Name Email

Chair Monica Richardson chair@cvswimteam.org

Vice Chair Danny Muller vicechair@cvswimteam.org

Secretary Stephanie Machalicky secretary@cvswimteam.org

Treasurer Peter Bowerman treasurer@cvswimteam.org

TSA Representative (Primary) Lisa Wehrle tsarep@cvswimteam.org

TSA Representative (Alternate) Kelly Queen tsarep@cvswimteam.org

Communications Coordinator Kathleen Colapietro communications@cvswimteam.org

Concessions Coordinator Amanda Lynch concessions@cvswimteam.org

Fundraising Coordinator Melaine Peeler fundraising@cvswimteam.org

Membership Coordinator Kelly Queen membership@cvswimteam.org

Ribbons & Awards Coordinator Danny Muller ribbons@cvswimteam.org

Social Coordinator Aimee Atkinson social@cvswimteam.org

Volunteer Coordinator Tricia Casey volunteer@cvswimteam.org

Website Coordinator Kelly Queen webmaster@cvswimteam.org