Who Can Be A Crocodile

If you live in Charleston Village and you are between the ages of 4 and 18 then you can be a member of the Charleston Village Swim Team! Swimming events are divided into the following age groups, and swimmers are required to swim these distances at the meets.

Ages Distance

6 and under 15 yards (about half the pool)*

7 – 8 25 yards (1 length of the pool)

9 – 10 25 yards (1 length of the pool)

11 – 12 50 yards (2 lengths of the pool)

13 – 14 50 yards (2 lengths of the pool)

15 – 18 50 yards (2 lengths of the pool)

* Older swimmers will meet 6 and under swimmers at the 15 yard mark

Important: We strongly encourage that swimmers think twice about joining the team if they are unprepared to swim the length of the pool. It is OK if the youngest swimmers have a tendency to stop and hang on the lane rope to rest, but if they are struggling or fearful during meets or practice then an alternative approach may be better. It is recommended that swimmers in this situation spend their time on swimming lessons to gain a basic level of swimming skill and then re-join the team later in the season or the following season. Thank you for your understanding and patience on this issue.